Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Potato Salad

Potato Salad

3 lb bag of potatoes Boiled til soft
(I like to use red skin and I do not peel but that is a personal choice) IF you do peel, red skins are easier to peel.
1/2 chopped onion (medium size)
3 sticks of celery sliced thin
6-8 hard boiled eggs chopped
3 cups Real Mayonnaise (you can substitute with Miracle whip but it won't taste like mine if you do)

1/2 c. milk
2tsp. salt
pepper to taste
2tsp. lemon juice
2 tabs. sugar

Boil your potatoes until tender (do not over cook or they will be mushy)
Cut the potatoes into desired size chunks - 1/2" or smaller
After potatoes are cooled (they don't have to be completely cold)
Add eggs
Add cut celery, onion, lemon juice and mayonnaise and milk
Add sugar - a little more sugar to taste is fine
1/2 cup of chopped fine or grated carrot can be added for color

*If your salad seems to be too dry; add a little milk mixed with some extra mayonnaise

*This is also a good second day fix to bring it back to a creamier texture

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