Friday, February 13, 2009

Tip and Tricks (Questions and Answers)

Tips and Tricks is comprised of a list of ideas or simple "fixes" I either came up with myself or learned from someone else or just by trial and error. If you'd like to add your own tips and tricks please do so in the comment section with the name you want credited and your home town.

1.-How do I stop dark brown shrunken edges from forming on my pie crusts?

Dark Shrunken edges spoil the look of your pie.

Cut three or four strips of foil 2 inches wide and wrap them around the crust loosely before you place the pie in the oven. Take the strips off 15 min. before the pie is done.

2.- What can I do after something I'm baking overflows in the oven... before it causes a smoky kitchen?

Keep on baking without cleaning first by pouring baking soda generously over the burned area. Do your cleaning after the oven is cooled down.

3.-I steam my vegetable but they seem to always come out over cooked

Most people if not all do not like soggy vegetables. When your vegetables are just beginning to be "fork tender," with a lid on tight...take them off of the stove. The vegetables will continue to cook at a very slow pace in the pot.

4.-I know I should cook with an apron on but I sometimes forget and get stains on my clothes, what is the best way to pre-spot when I'm in a hurry?

Baby wipes believe it or not, work great for pre-spotting almost any type of stain.

5.-How do I keep vegetables or even an already made salad fresh in my refrigerator?

Wash your vegetables when you bring them home from the grocery store. Put the them in a zip-top bag, then wet two paper towels with water, squeeze out the excess water and put them in the bag. Do the same with salad but place the towels over the top of the salad before you place a lid on it. Asparagus can actually be set in a bowl of water. Cut the bottoms first to allow the water to taken in.

6.-Pop do I make it when I don't have a pop corn maker or ready made pop corn packages.

Easy, simply place corn kernels on the bottom of a paper lunch bag, (approx. 1/4 cup) fold the top over about 2 inches and set in microwave for approx. 3 min. Cooking time will vary with different microwaves. You can usually tell by the smell when the pop corn is almost done...or just wait until it stops popping.

7.-Have you ever run out of bread crumbs just when you need them, or find a recipe that calls for "fresh" breadcrumbs?

I keep extra hamburger rolls, Italian bread etc....any kind of left over bread including the ends of sliced bread. I freeze all of it until it's needed. When needed I take out what I want and shred it with a regular hand held shredder...

8.-While on the topic of about garlic toast?

Five hamburger rolls will give you 20 slices of garlic bread. With a sharp knife carefully slice the top and then the bottom of the hamburger roll in half through the center leaving you with 4 round slices of bread. Butter each piece and sprinkle the desired amount of garlic salt and into the toaster with it! Tastes great!

More to come...

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